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Mendip Ring +

Circular. Ashcott Corner to Walton 8.1 Miles

This walk starts at Ashcott Corner. There are now two car parks here for which you have to pay, at the moment the cost for a day is £3. You can start from anywhere on the route so don't think you need to use either car park. If you choice to start from Ashcott Corner use the old car park which is the smaller of the two. The Grid Ref. is ST 449397. This walk takes you through Abbott's Sharpham Estate, across the fields to reach the outskirts of Walton, then onto Millslade Farm before returning to Ashcott corner.

From the old car park at Ashcott corner cross the road and follow either the cycle track on the right or the footpath on the left of the river, if you follow the footpath you will need to cross a bridge, half way along to join the cycle way to reach Sharpham Crossing. On reaching the crossing turn right and follow the road passing Durston Peat works (Avalon Farm) just after the junction on the right take the path on your left into the nature reserve ignore drove off to the left halfway along and at the next junction turn right then at the next corner go over the stile on your left, then one on your right and follow the rhyne on your right to cross a stile at the bottom of the field, turn right over the bridge through a gate, now cross the field to another gate straight ahead ignoring a path off to the left. Once through this gate turn half left to the bottom right hand corner of this narrow field pass through a Bristol gate at the bottom on your right, now follow the rhyne on your left, where this ends keep straight ahead to reach Sharpham Drove.

Turn left down the lane passing Abbotts Sharpham on your right, as you cross a bridge turn right round to a gate follow the footpath along the rhyne on your left to a path junction on your right, turn here follow this uphill to reach a rough track at the top of the hill, turn left and follow this out to reach Sharpham Lane. Turn left along the lane to the next path on your left take this path follow it across the field, over the stile down the side of a wooden fence to enter into a field at the bottom. Continue down the field over a double stile at the bottom, bear slightly left to pass through two Bristol gates cross the next field and at the bottom cross over a bridge into another field and down the field again to reach and cross another well hidden bridge, Aim straight up the hill in the same direction on reaching a fence on your left follow this through a gate and over the stile to reach Whitley Lane. Here you leave the Mendip Ring.

Turn right and follow the lane to a junction, turn left, past Whitley Farm and onto reach a T junction, take the footpath straight ahead, cross the field aiming slightly right for a stratford gate in the corner of the hedge that sticks out into the field, go through this and follow the hedge on your left into the next field now aim for the top right hand corner of this field to cross a stile onto the road. Turn right down the drive to Millslade Farm, pass the first gate on your right then 3/4 of the way down the drive look for a path on your left through a farm gate, aim for the gate a little to the right in the next hedge, through this then slightly right to the stile in the hedge ahead cross this, now follow the hedge on your left through the gate at the bottom, then go half left aiming for the bottom left hand corner of this field over a bridge and out to a Lane. Turn right ignoring turnings both left & right keeping straight ahead to return to Ashcott Corner Car park.