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Mendip Ring +

Circular Kilmersdon, Snail's Bottom, Chilcompton. 11.5 Miles

This walk starts from the free car park in the centre of Kilmersdon village (Grid Ref 695523) and follows the Mendip Ring to Snail's Bottom, Killings Knapp, Chilcompton, and Clapton and returning via Radstock.

From the car park turn left and walk up to the Jolliffe Arms pub turn right towards the church and follow Ames Lane round to the left to reach Jack and Jill Hill, follow the path up to the top, keep straight ahead along the road then take the left turn (Waterside Lane) On reaching the T junction cross the road to the footpath or bridleway either will do, on reaching the stile or gate depending which path you take. Go through the gate following the hedge on your left to the bottom of the field which can get very wet, cross a small bridge then follow an enclosed path to reach a stile on your left.

Having crossed the stile follow the path across the field to a kissing Gate and follow the path through the wood which will eventually bring you out to the B3139 at Charlton, turn left and on reaching Waterlea on your left cross the road to take the lane opposite at the top turn left to reach a field. Cross this aiming for the top right hand corner, on reaching the hedge at the top turn right and follow it through the gateway, following the hedge on your left to where it ends, then on across the open field to cross two stiles in the far hedge, aim for the gate you can see at the bottom of the field, cross the track and follow the stream on your right to reach the woods at the far end of the field.

You will find a stile behind some bushes as you enter the woods, cross this then follow the path through the woods ignore all paths both left and right and keep to the path ahead through Snail's Bottom (this gets very muddy at times) You will cross a bridge and some boardwalks to reach a T junction. Turn right here through a evergreen tunnel to a board walk across a stream. Do not cross this but take the stile on your right to follow a track which turns left then right to reach a k/gate at the top taking you onto a lane at Killings Knap. Turn right through a gate then left up the centre of the field to a stile onto a metalled path, on reaching the junction turn left to reach the A367.

Turn right cross the road, when you reach the junction take the footpath across the fields to reach the B3139. Turn left and cross the road to the path into the sports ground aiming slightly left towards the top corner of the hedge ahead of you where you cross a stile then straight across the next field over another stile, keep straight ahead to cross a stile down some steps and cross the old railway through the kissing gate and down the field, at the bottom turn right and aim for a kissing gate next to the farm gate through this and out to the road (Somerlea) follow this to reach Tunnel Lane, turn left out to the main road, turn left again then right into a small path running alongside a stream, at the end turn left and follow the road pass the church keep following the lane pass Manor Farm to a stile on your left.

Take this path up the hill over the stile next to a farm gate and aim to cross an old stone stile at the top of the hill and follow the path to the top right hand corner of the field over the stile, keep straight ahead and as you approach the back of New Manor Farm aim half left to a stratford gate next to a farm gate taking you onto the lane into Clapton. Turn right and follow the lane out to reach a T junction, now turn right and where the road starts to bend to the left take the footpath on your right between the houses. Cross the stile at the top and aim for the top left hand corner of the field over the stile and turn left follow the path across two fields then half right across the next one to a stile in the top corner, continue through a small wood to emerge into a field, turn right and aim for the houses at the bottom of the hill pass through a gap in the hedge ahead, now aim for a track that passes down the side of the houses at the bottom of the hill enter a track at the bottom which takes you out to the road.

Turn left then right into Riverside Gardens. Turn left at the bottom into Riverside walk. Keep the stream on your right, continuing ahead until you reach Withes Way. Turn right along the road at Stream Mills and continue straight ahead until you reach the road junction. Take the footpath (Withes Lane) on your right next to the CrossWays Pub and at the junction of paths near the sports ground take the narrow path on the left following this as it and goes uphill to reach the B3356 next to the Railway Centre. Cross the road and follow the cycleway opposite. Following this to take the first path on your right up the steps. at the top continue ahead following the footpath to reach Westfield and the A367. Cross over and enter the Industrial Estate keep straight ahead to the end of First Avenue. Head towards the metal gate and onto the footpath. Keep straight ahead on this path cross a field and down to reach a T junction of footpaths at the bottom. Do not continue ahead. ( the paths around here are not the same as the maps so pay close attention to the directions) At the junction turn left and follow this path through a small wood over a stream and at the next junction turn right down the hill as you begin to climb again take the turning left, follow this path through the trees and over a footbridge on your left.

Once over the bridge turn right and walk along the valley bottom, with the houses at Waterside and West Hill Gardens above you. Continue ahead until you reach the church and Church Street. Turn left and follow the road to the next junction, turn right here and look for a sign to the right for the Nation Cycleway follow the path through some houses to enter the cycle way. Follow this until you reach the path on your right down some steep steps now follow the lane round to the right keeping straight on up the lane back into Kilmersdon , on reaching the main road turn left back to the carpark.