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Mendip Ring +

Circular East Harptree Woods, West Harptree, Litton. 10 Miles

Starting from the car park at East Harptree Woods Grid Ref. ST ST 557541

We follow the Mendip Ring to reach Beaconsfield Farm where we leave it heading back through West and East Harptree, then on to Coley and rejoin the Mendip Ring at Litton which we then follow back to East Harptree Woods.

From the car park turn left and follow the track through the woods ignoring the paths on your left & right, follow the track until you reach Smitham Chimney, pass the chimney on your right and follow the path through the woods and down the track, just before you reach the road take the path off to the left following it down the hill to reach the lane at Garrow Bottom. Turn left then take the first path on your right, the path splits in a few yards, you take the left hand one uphill through the trees to reach the top of the hill then follow the path over the hill to reach the track at the bottom.

Turn left and follow the track out to reach Ridge Lane, turn left up the hill, on reaching the junction at the top turn right then take the first path on the right, aim for the house off to the left, cross the driveway at the bottom of the slope pass the barn through the gate next to the house then turn right down the field to reach Harptree Hill Lane. Turn immediateley right and take the track (Cowleaze Lane) this is the Limestone Link, follow this until you reach a concrete track, where this bends to the left follow the footpath straight ahead and onto the outskirts of West Harptree.

Follow the right hand of the two paths across the field crossing the stile and stream ignore the path on your right and head up hill to follow the track between the hedges and onto East Harptree church. On leaving the churchyard follow the road straight through the village towards Harptree Court, just after the 30 mile an hour signs take the first footpath on your right, on reaching the junction of paths turn left and follow this path across the fields to reach a lane, turn right then left back on a footpath and on to reach Coley road, turn left, on reaching the main road turn right, then turn left down the lane to Coley, on reaching a junction on your left at the bottom of the hill, turn right through Coley Manor farm into the path leading up to the reservoirs. When you reach a kissing gate turn left and follow the path to the far side of the reservoir, ignore the stile ahead and follow the path round to reach the upper reservoir

Now follow the narrow path round the upper reservoir to reach Whitehouse Lane. Turn left then take the first path on the right and follow it round to the right, ignore the stile straight ahead cross the one in the left hand corner, cross the track ahead and follow the stream to reach Litton Village via a stile. Turn right and follow the lane up to the B3114 . Turn right along the road until you reach the first path on the left follow this path straight uphill to the top left hand corner over three stiles close together then aim half right for the corner of the wood, follow the hedge line on your left, through the gate at the top of the field and now follow the hedge on your right to reach a cross a stile each side of a track into Litton Woods follow the path through the woods then down the hill (which differs from the map) to reach Ford Lane via the fishing lakes car park.

Turn right and follow the lane straight up the hill, opposite the first cottage take the path on your left over a stone stile up a steep bank (with a rope pull to help you up, this path is easy to miss) follow the path across the fields aiming for the top right hand corner to reach Bell Lane, here you turn right and follow the lane until it becomes a stony track. Ignore the first path on your right but take the second path on the right following this path across the fields to reach the drive to Nett Wood Farm, turn right to reach a lane, then turn left uphill to reach the car park on your right.