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Mendip Ring +

Mendip Ring Circular. East Hill, Green's Coombe, and Lamyatt. 10 Miles

This walk starts behind the Brook House Inn at Ansford, just down the road from Castle Cary Railway Station. Grid Ref. ST 632341. Park on the roadside verge near the crossroads behind the Pub. This walk affords some lovely 360 degree views as well as visiting Lamyatt Beacon also Lamyatt Church, and some pretty combes on the way. It's quite a hilly walk but worth the effort for the views alone. Wyke Farms Cheese shop is just off route and well worth a visit.

From the crossroads behind the pub walk out to reach the A371 cross the road and continue up the lane signed East Hill Dairy Unit this is part of Wyke Farms, (famous for its cheese) follow the track which pass the farm buildings and on downhill, (on your left is the Bio -Digester which provides the energy to run the Dairy) where the track bares left keep straight ahead onto a dirt track to reach the road. Turn right and with care follow the road pass the cottages on your left just before you reach Pear Tree Cottage on the left, cross the road to a well hidden stile, once over this aim slightly right uphill heading for the telegraph pole halfway up, keep roughly in the same direction to reach a well hidden stile in the hedge at the top. Once over this turn half left and aim for the end of the hedge ahead where you cross a stile onto a lane.

Turn left along the lane, when you reach the bend, turn right up the bridleway follow the path to the top of the hill crossing a track on the way, on entering the field follow the edge of the wood before dropping down to a gate at the bottom, following the edge of the wood round to reach another gate, once through the gate turn right down the hill to reach the B3081 cross over this through the field gate opposite into the bridleway, now follow the path along the top of the hill, on reaching a waymark on a fence post, turn left down the hill to pass through a gap in the hedge at the bottom and up the field to pass through a gate onto the drive.

Turn right along the drive and on reaching a gate on the left go through this and aim for the old hedge line ahead once through this turn left up the hill on reaching the top follow the hedge line round to the right to reach a gate with a `Beware Rabbits` sign on it (I've never seen one here but they must be big if it needs a warning sign!) Aim a little to your left along the bridleway to reach the lane at the top of Snakelake Hill. *Turn left and take the first path on the left through a farm gate and follow the hedge on your left to reach and cross a stile at the bottom of the field, now turn right and follow the path through the wood to reach the lane.

Turn left along the lane, passing a lane on your right and continue on to reach the B3081 keep straight on until you reach the gate where you crossed the road earlier, here turn right through the gate and follow the path to the top of the hill, (A fantastic view from up here) on reaching the top of the hill go through the gate and follow the track down the hill to reach a lane leading you into Lamyatt, proceed down the lane and on reaching the church on your left take the path through the churchyard and into the field beyond, now aim for the right hand corner of the field cross the small stream into another field, ignore all paths to the left and right keep straight ahead crossing the fields to reach the lane at Montgomery House, next to the Village Hall. Turn right down the road and bear left at the junction.