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Mendip Ring +

Mendip Ring Circular. Upton Noble, Witham Park, Brewham. 11.5 Miles

This walk starts from the school in the little village of Upton Noble. Grid Ref. ST 713393. As there are very few adjoining footpaths in the area there tends to be a larger amount of quiet lane walking than one would like, but it is still a really nice walk. We start off with a couple of miles of lane to reach Cannwood, Then up through Deerwood Common to reach Witham Park. We then turn going through Witham Park and Hicks Park Wood to Hentshill Farm, Float Bridge, and Marlpit Lane to reach Upton Noble.

With your back to the school turn right down the hill, round the S bends, then where the road bares left take the footpath into the field and follow the hedge on your left to the bottom of the field over a stile, then turn left to reach Strap Lane. Turn right and follow the lane passing Hill View and Bungalow Farm, carrying on reaching Cannwood Lane turn left into the lane ignoring all paths left and right keeping straight on to following the lane come track to reach the road at Druly Hill keep straight on up the hill until you reach the Macmillian Way on the left now follow this through the woods to reach Holt Road. Turn right up the hill ignoring the footpath on the left and just before the house at the top of the hill take the footpath on your left following this path across the top of the hill until you reach a barrier, here you turn left down the track towards Witham Park Farm.

Having turned left follow the track down to a footpath on your left near the bottom of the woods. Turn left here and follow this path back through the woods until you reach a Y junction, turning right into a less walked path following this down to exit the woods into a field, Take the path straight across this field following it to reach and cross Holt Road near Upper Holt Farm, keep straight ahead to approach Gibbons Farm . Look for a stile on your right as you approach the house, cross this and carry on in the same direction as you were going. Continue following this path through several fields to reach Hicks Park Wood, on reach a junction on this track go through the small gate in front of you down to the valley and back up the other side to reach a track at the top' follow this track taking the small grassy path to the right to reach Cannwood Lane again.

Turn right and at the road junction turn left follow the road pass Hentshill Farm, then where the road bends left take the footpath on your right follow this footpath slightly left to a stile at the bottom of the hill, now head slightly right to a farm gate through this then head for the gate on the track towards Walters Farm ahead. Once through this bear left over the stile in the corner Now follow this path across the fields to Brewham House. To reach the road .* Turn right along the road then first right again heading back towards Walters Farm follow the path up the drive over a cattle grid, then bear left over a double stile now follow this path across the fields passing Lipgate Farm to reach Hassocks Lane. Turn right down the lane to cross the Railway line at Float Bridge, then turn right and follow the drive up towards Brewham Farm as you reach the top take the bridleway on the right then slightly left aim along the tree line through the field round Marlpit Pond and out to the road. Turn left back uphill to reach the school. *This path is in a poor condition at the moment. If you prefer follow the road down James Hill taking the first right hand turn into Hassocks Lane continue along this to reach the route again at the Float Bridge.